Management of books, stories and formats repertoire for audiovisual and stage productions.


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What is Showrunners Buyers Club

It’s the business model that positions SCENIC RIGHTS as the top Portfolio of the Hispanic World’s most relevant books, stories and formats for audiovisual production.

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Scenic Rights Stage

Scenic Rights, founded more than a decade ago, is the leading Spanish agency in business volume. We manage a broad catalogue of the top Spanish and foreign authors’ texts for theatre production, with an average of 15 big productions per year in the main European and Spanish theatres. You can look up which plays currently managed are now playing.


Books, Stories and Formats for audiovisual production

Scenic Rights manages, with a worldwide scope, the exclusive rights of the top Books, Stories and Formats for audiovisual production in every TV or Cinema format, by means of purchase options, licensing for adaptations and co-productions. You can look up the authors’ and works’ factsheets, as well as their corresponding dossiers with an analysis of their potential for TV Series, Miniseries, Film or TV Movie formats.


Audiovisual projects in progress

Scenic Rights via its Parent Company –Focus Group-, its Associates and Clients, participates in different audiovisual projects that are in pre-production, production and distribution phases. You can look up which projects are already in pre and production phases, as well as different Films that have already been produced and are available for distribution.

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