Scenic Rights - Company information

Over 20 years managing the best IPs for TV and Film. 

Over the last decade, Scenic Rights has become the leading provider of literary IPs for audiovisual adaptations in the Spanish language in EUROPE, LATIN AMERICA, and the UNITED STATES. With offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Prague, Scenic Rights manages thousands of literary works for their adaptation into film and series. 

Scenic Rights manages more than 70 co-agency deals with both Major and Boutique publishing houses, as well as with some of the most important literary agencies in the Hispanic world, granting Scenic Rights preferential access to more than 20,000 literary works and an exclusive direct sales portfolio of around 2,000 works. Scenic Rights also represents the original projects of many renowned showrunners, and represents the adaptation rights of successful podcasts, life rights, and other IPs, thus creating the largest portfolio of its kind in the Spanish language, with the works of the most important authors in Spain, Latin America, and the United States. 

Currently, Scenic Rights manages the rights of more than 200 audiovisual projects in different stages of development and production in over a dozen countries. Among the projects that have already been produced are the TV Show Hernán (Dopamine, Amazon, and A&E); the TV ShowThe Cook of Castamar (Atresmedia); the tv showThe Vineyard (Amazon); or The Idhun Chronicles, the first Netflix animated series in the Hispanic world. Scenic Rights has also managed the adaptation rights of productions such as the outstanding Red Queen TVShow (Amazon), based on the successful trilogy by Juan Gómez-Jurado; or the adaptation of the Bitchestrilogy, by Noemí Casquet (ATRESplayer); the TV Show Invitation to a Murder, based on the bestseller by Carmen Posadas (Netflix), or The Artists (Vix+), the original series by María Dueñas.

Scenic Rights has an extensive experience in the management of international right chains and rights licensing, including talent packaging for developments, investor search, Development and Production Commissions, and financial gap management.

Scenic Rights has the honor of representing the works of multiple bestselling authors such as Claudia Piñeiro, Laura Esquivel, María Dueñas, Santiago Roncagliolo, Jorge Franco, Carmen Posadas, Manel Loureiro, CurroRoyo, Juan Gómez-Jurado, Mikel Santiago, Eva García Saenz de Urturi, Monika Zgustova, Javier Sierra, and Alia Trabucco, among over 500 other authors IN THE AUDIOVISUAL MARKET.


Sydney Borjas. CEO of SCENIC RIGHTS

Specialized in the audiovisual and theatrical copyright business with more than 25 years of experience, he has been the Director of the Business Affairs & Legal Department of the International Production Company ICAIC (participating in more than 60 international audiovisual co-productions), Head of the Cybermedia Program (Madrid) within the framework of the IBERMEDIA PROGRAM, Director of Audiovisual Strategy of La Central Digital in charge of the management of cable TV channels as well as the digital distribution of audiovisual content in Europe and America, Manager of the Buñuel Institute Author Foundation, and Manager of Performing Arts/Grand Rights of the General Society of Authors and Publishers.

As CEO of SCENIC RIGHTS he has participated in several TV Series with different responsibilities associated with the management of chain of titles and talent packaging processes: Promesas de Arena (TVE), Hernán, el hombre (Dopamina, Amazon, A&E), La Templanza (Amazon), La cocinera de Castamar (Atresmedia), Magic for Humans Spain con el Mago Pop (Netflix) among others. Additionally, he has been in charge of the Business Affairs & Legal Department for numerous Theater and Musical projects for Spain, Latam, Broadway and West End. 

He has been a member of several Juries associated with the audiovisual industry, and Professor of various courses and Masters in Spanish and Latin-American universities, Film & TV Schools and international organizations. He has also participated as an author of the Legal and Financial Guides for the Audiovisual Sector and the Performing Arts Sector published by the Author Foundation, as well as Copyright in Audiovisual Works published by the UOC.